A Stand With Jinx
October 30 1999 4:46 AM
Dedicated to Sue

In your denim jacket
You watched us play chess
In the coffee house
On Allen Street

I was wired on caffeine
Mike the mad Russian was there
We were all going to Larry's for a few games after closing
And I invited you

Your jeans were bleached black
And torn at the knees
You were wearing cheap sneakers
With your long curling hair and pale face.

We were hungry
And we all walked
To Niagara Street in the darkness
I bought us chips and salsa.

We shared a soda in the doorframe
Of the small apartment
You told me about the streets
While Larry played with his Nunchucks

He was a tall African
Looking like Michael Jackson
With missing teeth
And a fuzzing fro.

I asked you if you wanted to come home with me
And you did
And neither of us showered
Until after we had been naked.

Your body was smooth and young
And your skin cushiony
To the tips of my fingers
As I stroked your hips.

You asked me to take you back to Ba's house
So I drove you there
And we ran out of cigarettes.
We walked to the back of Quality Markets.

We had rice with his father for lunch
But I couldn't let myself sleep there
So I drove home
And didn't see you until a year later.