Agents of the Government

There are several types of agents
Agents of the Government
In my realm of perception.
Some you see Others Just exist.

You easily spot the secret service
They jog with the President
In red white and blue
With thin light grey lenses.

Others have darker sunglasses
And they wear black suits
And run alongside his limousine
And look hyper-pro in the sunlight.

Others just show their eyes
Wiggling them up and down fast in their sockets
They’re Mercs
And they instantly assess miles of terrain.

The Mercs deserve a special note
They do a sweep on request
Of a building entered by the important.
Many have grey hair but look younger than twenty.

The "friends" do not get mention here.
They are non-existant.
Try to pin a "friend" down
And a "friend" will vanish to even the air.

Each of these has a secret horror to cope with.
Each of these has an undefinable cost
And Each of these Agents of the Government
Has sculpted talent for service.
In all of it’s gruesome form.