Alpha Zulu 15:00Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley

This collection of works is my third chapbook. I have pieced it together here from an assortment of websites and files. Simply put, each poem in the table of contents is a link to a full web page. Try not to stray far from this main book by using your back button often or bookmarking this page. Thank you for reading. I will let the works stand for themselves. -Christopher J. Bradley Friday, August 20, 2004

Alpha Zulu 15:00Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley

Revised 6/1/2004

Second Revision 11/3/2006


If only more dreamers existedEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:21:51 AM

If only more dreamers existed

The sky would be filled with prism clouds.

The angles and curves would meld like

A well crafted pool game with english

And french vanilla ice cream as well.

Today the morning is cold

And the clouds are grey

But for each Dreamer

Or Sleeper

Who Awakens

The Colors Brighten

And The Bleach is Siphoned

From The Rivers

To Be Used For More Constructive

Clothes Washing.

Tequila in a golden morning

Is the only drink for me

On that day

When I reach

Club Medicine

On Every One

Of The 7 Million Beaches

Of The First 3 Planets.

Eggs and Spaghetti SauceEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:19:21 PM


When I was in third grade

The notion of this combo

Made me want to vomit

But the nuns made us eat it anyway

Now I look forward to the occasional

Italian Omelet

With Lots of gooey Mozzarella

And sautéed garlic mushrooms inside.

Just writing this is making me hungry

Entering the waterEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:23:44 AM ©2003

Entering the water

In a Shower Bath

Is Soothing And Relaxing to the soul.

You can just lay back

And sing your troubles away

As the blues take your mood

While the water splashes down on your chest.

It is good to be myself

With my tingling beard scratching my neck

While I soap under my arms and atop my chest.

And dream of a milder wind that will uplift my house.

Find your FiresEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


Find your fires

In a canadian maple leaf

102.1 The Edge (

They change seasonally

And the music passes with the time

Or alternately

Listen to hip hop on MTV2

It's getting hot in here

So take off all your sweaters

And I'll give you some New Orleans Beads

On The Cusp of Next February's Tuesday.

Full HeartsEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


Full hearts

Can Never Be Broken.

It's Like The Measure Of Innocence

In A Child's Eyes

When They Are Opened To Sunday School.

The Miracle Is There

When The Curtains

To Knowledge Are Opened

That The Word Is The Truth.

In Every Library

On Every Continent.

2 GenerationsEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


I've seen 2 generations of geese

Move over the winds of the North

Traveling to their summer homes

And reporting back each year

With their honking calls

Their life in spring

Renews me

From your hand.

Mirror DanceEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:59:36 PM ©2003

The two mirrors face each other

Like opposing armies

The Blue and Grey

Of The Civil War Era.

In My Dining Room.

One Sits Upon The Refurbished Player Piano

The Other Upon The Armoire

And the sands travel into them

As I rest upon the table.

If you look closely enough

There is a third mirror here

Almost transparent

The glass in the face

Of the antique China Cabinet.

And I can see myself in there

Aging in Porcelain

In One Hundred Years.

My Sky Is BeautifulEdit

9/19/2003 6:53:50 AM ©2003

by Christopher J. Bradley

My sky is beautiful

He is golden like a sunrise.

His breath is warm and humid to my fingers.

And he smiles at me when I call to him.

His four strong saplings

Of the seasons

Winter Spring Summer and Fall

Bound up into the air

To catch these bones

Which I cast into eternity.

He rises with me at dawn

And his chimes whistle in the daily breeze

He prances with me into the evening hours

And licks at my feet like

The cold slush of a frozen morning in the snow.

His innocence is like a child’s dream of driving down

An open road to an amusement park beyond the gates of heaven.

Which he expresses in his sunny call.

His mammalian tail flashes into the darkness of the clearest night

Where his pupils flash the reflections of the constellations and the

Smiling shining face of the moon

Rising with the tides of Ontario.

When the drizzle comes to a halt

He blows in with the wind and the scattered colorful leaves of autumn

Bringing with him the tracks of the weather in the mud

Of the thinned turf of our fenced in yard.

I look both up and down to see him

As his tail is in the dippers and fans out like the flay

Of a peacocks iridescent shining feathers of the spectrum.

I invite him to join me in watching the television

And find him across from me as I read engrossed in the radio hum

On the front porch.

And when I go to sleep

My sky curls up at my feet and snoozes quietly

As we dream.

Oil PaintEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:42:44 AM ©2003

When I used Oil Paint

I did not see Niagara Falls

Like my brother Dan

Or A wooded path

Like my sister Sharon.

I saw an industrial city scape

Dusted with the tinge of red orange clouds

In The sunset

Of a magenta evening.

And so I mixed my colors

Red Yellow and White

And pitted them against

My black buildings

The brush flashing

In The Hands.

Of A Musician

But Not a Painter.

Squirrel VisitsEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:19:46 AM

I've received some Squirrel Visits this morning

And on some previous mornings.

Their little teeth are stuck in Acorns

And they wave at me with their paws

Just before they begin to dig

To plant the winter's food.

They are complemented

By a squadron of sparrows

That play in the dirt

At the end of the driveway

And read the playings of the bugs in the grass

To feed their squeaking children.

I've seen the first Blue Jay

In a couple years

Fly above

Like a protector of this Glenn

And a sign

That the season is turning.

Street Hop MarigoldEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/30/2003 2:16:53 AM ©2003

Marigolds are sweet

Like Daisies

But Not as Delicious As Tulips

Or The Iris of a Tigress.

Joy Is In The Luck

Of The Banzai

Of A Chinese Festival

In Manhattan Beach


On West 52nd

In The Hills

Of The N Rails

Above Astoria's High Rises

And The Greek Diner

At The Corner Of McKormick

And Henry Davidson

The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Is American In Nature

While Automobiles Owe It to Mercedes.

Don't Ask Me What The Poets Are Doing

A Violet Thunder Is Blowing A Kid Around

In My Oven Fresh Rear View

While The Tinsel Of A Finch's Nest

Is Dangling Above The Moses Robert Express

In Mandalay Village

This Side Of Okinawa's Harbors

Where The Marines Of Necronomicon

Raise Their Americans.

The Fishermen Have Netted 150 Million Acid Trippers

And That's Just Within The Domestic United States

The Other 6 Continents Are The Tide That Swing November.

With Kofi On The Scales And The Lieutenant Governor Of Tomorrow In At The Starting Gates.

The Tangle Gun Is Loaded And Set To Stun

We're About To Put The Breaks On The Elephants

And The Crazy Foam In The Sorority Dorms Is Flowing

Like Waves Of Pointsettas In A Power Puff Nightmare.

Sigma - Phi - Epsilon Pisses On The Houses

Of Delta Delta Delta. Thought You Might Get A Kick Out Of That.

Chicago Is A Volleyball Court

With Kordell Stuart Throwing Pearls At The Eagles

And Bledsoe Is About To Throw A 50 Yard Pass To Reed

While Tommy Maddoxes Crew Plays Roughneck Smashmouth In The Mud. The Chrysler Team Is Eaking Out Some

Monster Sales For A Rainy Day. And I'm Going To Own 4 Mustangs But I'm Not Buying Them From Ford.

Best Regards From Your American Brother

Someday We'll Do Lunch On The Moon

And Hang Out With Ludas Rooster

Cause You Know

The Dirty South

Is My Litterbox!

Much Respect To The Hyperbolic Fro.

Sun Dried Tomato SpreadEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:28:01 AM ©2003

One evening my friend and I were walking down Elmwood Avenue

We spotted a new bakery called the Metro.

They sold different kinds of breads

Made with Spinach Garlic and Tomato.

I ordered a Loaf of Tomato

The Clerk offered me some spread.

The spread was delicious

It was tomato with all of the energy

Of a warm summer day

Stored up like a starburst within.

It was a true thorough delight

To my overtaxed taste buds

I vowed to return

And one day I will make that stop


The Dancing MothsEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:53:25 AM ©2003

The moths on my front porch

Dance in spirals up and down

When I play music

On my little SONY alarm clock.

They like to fizzle to

The lamplight

While I read in the darkness

Of A Warm summer night

Harley Davidsons and Cop Sirens

Blare above the jazzy pop

On Adjacent Streets

While My Moths Dance For Me

In Their Own Choir

Of The Lonely Moments In The Moon.

The Fisherman and The CigarEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:00:52 AM

Don't let your bones chill you.

This is some great work.

I know the place you are speaking of

And I've never seen a fisherman

Smoking a cigar.

I have seen him with a corncob pipe

In an old fraternity sweatshirt

Dancing around in God's country

Make that the planet

That falls in a grove

Beneath A summer's Sky

With the Mercury of Sable

In his back pocket.

I know he's still there.

And he'll be back

From the docks

Before we can say

He's been out

All afternoon.

The Mercury of SableEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/19/2003 7:29:58 AM ©2003

Sable is dressed in Gold today

But her temperament is like quicksilver

She shreds the curtains on windows that are closed

To open viewpoints on the greater world outside.

For her small world under a scorching sun

She is enormous in her radiant glamour.

Her coat weathered as armour

Gleams brightly fortified with protein and butter

And her fury in her escapes in the green

On a glamorous spring day.

She has sky as a sattelite as they

Prance together within the clouds

And the angellic constellations

Of the mantle and Edison’s

Solution to the Darkness.

Sable is always eager to share the gravy of an evenings table

And is an expert at extracting our sympathies with

Her loving and protective eyes.

She is a professional at protecting us

From the mail carriers wiles

And stares at my father’s knee

As he absorbs the morning Blotter

And soaks up the world News Report

On Channel Seven.

Sable glistens and smiles the entire morning

When you reach toward the sunlight to pet her

And even her shadow smiles in the moonlight

In quiet reciprocation for any small extension of a charitable embrace.

Sable used to a country girl

But she is getting used to the subburban thumping

Of the automobiles of the college students who live all over our streets

And our neighbors loud drunken parties.

She is usually a good girl

And can often detect by smell

The hand of a hidden treat

And she will never shake hands with a stranger

She has learned from the school of hard knocks

That the wrong hand can be very very unkind.

Sable loves to rest in the

Coolness of my mother’s blankets

In the dog days of summer

And she has a gift for warming

Her feet in the nakedness of a starry night.

We often see her stellar round balls of fuzzy fur

Hurtling through the cosmos of our well lived

In home and to be perfectly honest

It is often difficult to escape her while clothed.

The mercury of Sable is in her tender eyes and quick temper

Which she will only show to the properly initiated visitor.


By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 ©2003

My friend Scott brought up the Tiamat the other day.

I Remember Playing That Old Game Dungeons and Dragons.

When I was a kid

It was so popular

That All The kids watched

the TV cartoon

The Tiamat will not affect me

It has its place in history

But Those Involved

Have long since turned to other prey.

Two Flocks of GeeseEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/19/2003 6:35:04 AM ©2003

One afternoon recently

I saw two flocks of Geese

Headed South for the winter

I was in the passenger seat of my aunt’s Buick.

I long for their kind of freedom

But not their fear of the nozzle

Of the camouflaged hunter’s shotgun.

Their song as they passed overhead

Was like that of a choir of traffic

Like the honking horns of midtown Manhattan.

May they never cease to sing.


By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:34:01 AM ©2003

Vincent was a warrior diplomat

His laser was locked and loaded for skeet

The other droids didn’t like Vincent

So they tried everything in their power to dismantle him.

But he’s out there on his estate now

Ready to make a difference

When the time comes

And the Cygnus crushes into the Black Hole.

For Vincent

There is a career in governance

Because he is not only civil

But also wise.

In silence he dances to Bulls on Parade.

What do I read in Print?Edit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:56:17 PM © 2003

I read Whitman and Williams

And Dickenson and Angelou

I’m in the midst of Dickens

And Langston Hughes Too.

I’ve read Gibson

And Melville

And Ellison

And Tan

And Erdrich

And Vonnegut

And Kipling

And Footprints In The Sand.

My Next Conquest is Frost

And Cummings Will Join

And I Don’t Plan To Stop

Until I’ve Exhausted my Brain.

What do I read on-line?Edit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:52:21 PM ©2003

On line I read

The New York Times

The La Times

And The Chicago Sun-Times (Ebert Of Course).

I read the Washington post


And I visit C-Span

And Congress.Org.

I read the London Times

And The International Herald Tribune

And I read Yahoo News

And Listen to BBC Radio 1 Tunes.

I’m A Mover And A Shaker

For Slashdot And Slate

And I Always Stay Up

Very Very Late.

Why October Is My Least Favorite MonthEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:40:42 AM

October for me

Is the month of anonymous threats

And police tailings

It Is The Month of Horror Movies

And the Darkness Of Personality

And The Natural Religions.

Don't get me wrong

The colors of the sidewalks of October

Can Crackle around beautifully

In The wind Blowing in from

The West

So this year

I'm gathering my wooden Stakes

Silver Bullets

And Cloves of Garlic

And battening down the hatches

I Might Even Grab a Pail Of Water.

Creatures of the night beware

This time I'm prepared.

My Black Friend IkeEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 ©2003

At the boys club

In the 4th grade

Ike taught me binary numbers

And the “BASIC” programming language

On the Apple IIc.

He introduced me to Chris and Harry

And the other Pool Sharks that stayed late

And I learned a little bit of slang.

Harry who could play guitar

Taught me the scales

And the beginning of Stairway to Heaven

But I’d be hard pressed to remember them now.

I wanted to meditate

Like the Kung Fu Masters.

So Ike introduced me

To Dave.

Ike was a great character

And a helpful friend.

Bread Pretzel’s And IceesEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:11:49 AM ©2003

Grammy used to love to buy us

Warm Bread Pretzels and Cold Icees

When She and Mom Would

Go Lingere Shopping At Sears.

We didn’t know one way or the other

But it tasted good and it

Kept us Quiet

Shopping in a mall was fun.

I remember hiding in the centers

Of clothing racks and

Peeking out at the world

Like a hyper active Ferret.

Hey Mom

Can you buy me a Bread Pretzel sometime?

Even now that I am grown

Like a six foot Grizzly?

The Spider And The HornetEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:49:47 AM ©2003

One morning when I was six

I was at Mike’s House

And I went up on his Front Porch

It must have been Hide and Seek.

I found myself Eye to Antenna

With a Hornet Trapped In a Spider’s Web

The Hornet Struggled

And in a moment

The Spider Came And Sewed Him Up.

It Was the last I Ever Saw Of That Hornet.

But Now Spiders And I Are Friends.

I Wonder If Spiders Like Green Tomatoes As Well

As I?

Zodiac FirecrackerEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:26:01 PM ©2003

My friend Ike was half Chinese Half Italian

Like Me he is an American.

I used to have a lot of fun hanging out with him

In 5th and 6th grades.

We played basketball with his older brother

In their driveway up the street

In The Summertime

Near the Fourth of July.

He always had firecrackers

We used to shoot them off

Bottle Rockets Black Cats and Jumping Jacks.

His mother used to make the best breakfast soup.

At our 10 year high school reunion

Ike told us that he owned

A computer consulting firm in North Carolina.

I always knew that he had intelligence.

1000 yearsEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:12:05 AM

It seems I've been asleep too long

To not recognize the beautiful young women

Who walk up and down

Right there in front of me.

The ones I've driven in my car

Back and forth to school

The ones I envy

With all their parent's gifts.

They are there

Walking among us

Daylight and Night time

And I just couldnt' see them

Until this morning

After 1000 years

Of Falling From Skyscrapers

In the Daredevil Mists

Of The Falling Cataracts.


by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/29/2003

I missed my friend tonight

He is celebrating in his way

And I was insulted by urchins

And I had to get up and leave.

They will find that their time is short

If they haven't already.

I listened to the Smashing Pumpkins on the way home

And my Karma police didn't pull me over

Because I'm not drunk.


A Flip to LAEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 5:53:31 AM ©2003

In a Buffalo Moment

I send a Flip to LA.

To a Nighthawk

Who Writes In The Wind

About Mass Destruction

A Ghost In The Darkness.

She Was Waiting There On A Barstool

For A Friend Of A Friend

In The Evening Hours

At A Hotel In The Subburbs.

Things Were Quiet In The Evening

But They Heated Up Over a Feta Topped Burger

When She Asked Me Why I Thought I Could Be Marketable.

An Interesting Question

Never Before Broached To Me

In All Of My Years Of Creative Writing.

The Words Flow From My Fingers Even Now

Knowing That She Has Been On The Road

In The Pages Of The Book That Rested On My Table

While The Coffee Simmered.

A Windswept Fantasy Girl

From The West Coast

With Images Certified By Japan

Probably The Most American of Women

Not to Be Wrestled With.

She Had A Mind and Thought I Needed Some Coaching

I Appreciated Her Kind Thoughts.

She Told Me About The Groundhog Day Verdict.

Something I will have to Keep in Mind.

Its Time For Her To Unwind

Maybe She’ll Share Time With That Friend

And Things Will Go Smoothly.

I Hope They Do.

Lord Give My Entertainment The Strength

To Maybe Help This To Happen.

For The Moment

Of All Moments

Is On The Rise.

A Flip To LA

Like A Thermonuclear Kernel

To The Back Of The Lips

At a Drive In Movie Lot

Out In The Sticks

But From Here

There’s No Telling

Where The Night Lights

Might Lead.

A Waltz in BlackEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:10:21 AM

A Waltz in Black

With Jackie Chan in a Tuxedo

Dancing With His Girl

To The Gentle Pulses of PM Dawn.

The Insects Sing In The Silence

Of A Morning

Under The Haze

Of Tobacco Smoke

And I Ride On The Cycle

Into Jane's Flight Simulations

On The Web Of

A Spider Long Since

Past Away

In His Own Webs.

"Caught a light sneeze Dreamed a little dream"Edit

©2003 by Christopher J. Bradley


This cool weather is giving me a cold. It's more than a little upsetting.

Where the heck is everybody?

I thought I was among a throng of daytrippers?

My dogs are keeping me company and barking at the TV.

Tori Amos is on Comedy Central.

WOMAD is still the best.

Dancing into Chilly SprinklesEdit

9/17/2003 8:50:06 AM ©2003

by Christopher J. Bradley

My ears were a fuzzbox without muffs

The winter was cold

And I was appreciating the heat from a subway grate

While waiting in line.

The Front St. Bus picked us up

And we were off to the

Pleasure Joker’s Lair

And the writing on the pages before us

Started to move around.

My Blonde Rose and her girl

Were getting off on the bus too

Because we were going to be dancing chilly sprinkles

All night long

While the Mark II’s swiveled

And the girls in the white gloves

Were doing the grind.

"Face painted cigarette white"Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley


I saw the space girls today

Two of them

And then I heard Treble Charger

While I talked with them

About CK Be and One

And they traded comments

About Kate Moss and Revlon

And Moss' Baby.

It turns out I knew one from high school

And this is one of the best

Live versions

I've ever laid ears to.

They smelled happy.


By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 6:18:14 AM ©2003

When I was a kid

I used to punch deck on The Flipside

It was a CGBUG BBS

That I Reconstructed From CNET

Sold By Epstein.

The Whole Thing Was Really Pretty Simple

Compared With Today’s Technology

But It Gave Me The Measure To Write

And Keep A Few Maybe One Or Two

Users Interested.

We used to talk a lot about Gibson

And Star Wars

And Dungeons And Dragons

The Things That Keep People Guessing.

There Were Many Things To Discuss.

In any case

Now We Have The Flipmode Squad

With Busta Rhymes

To Rattle Off Riddims

To Tunes That Beep – Click – Beep




And Then Move

To The Beat With Their Logos And Emblems.

I Can’t Say He’s Mine

But I’ve Always Been A Fan

Ever Since Woo Hah

And The First Time I Saw Him

Tripping Out On Those U.B. Sun Stations.

People Use The Library Well There.

And Now

I’m Going To Tune In

To The Future

And Send A Flip

To The Globe.

"Move..Get Out The Way"Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley


Move Get Out The Way

Oh No Fights Out

Someone's trying to step

On a 30 year old man.

Believe Me

This is curdled milk

And nothing is going to change my options.

Stay away from the children pal

Cause the ones I know carry weapons.

No PhotosEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:04:51 AM

Don't photograph me

I don't want to be in any of your college ads

You've treated me wrong

You're making me take tests

I've already taken.

I've Stared your William Shakespeare



And Leibowicz

All in the face

And I don't see a bushel full of apples

On my front porch.

Much less

I don't even have a Front Porch.

Where's my promise of a life in the subburbs?

Where's my promise of a life with Milk in the Fridge.

Where's my promise of a baseball game in October?

Where's my promise of a family?

You've taken my rights as a person

And as a man

And now you want my photo


I'm keeping my image to myself

And you can take your white silk shirt

And wear it on some other occasion

Because it's not going to get me into a fight.

Next time your kid asks me for an autograph

You can pay full price for the limited edition.

Pepsi and Creative WritingEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:28:20 AM ©2003

When I was first starting out

With my creative writing class

Each morning without fail

I would open a bottle of Pepsi.

It was the “Choice of a New Generation”

And a great way to start the day.

I was babbling nonsense most of the time

And Scribbling down

Various Inanities.


This was the world as I experienced it.

Radio SteveEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:37:49 AM ©2003

Radio Steve is an awesome friend

When he has time he talks to me

He came to visit Christmas 2001

And brought me a big bag of Candy.

His mother father aunts and uncles

All work very hard

They are a very industrious bunch

And his sisters are very talented.

Steve graduated Oswego

And Lived in New York (Where I Visited)

And worked for a TV Station

In Public Relations.

Now he’s a newscaster

Full time at the biggest News Radio Station

I don’t doubt he’ll go far

After all he’s shaken hands with the mayor.

Spike Lee JointEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 6:27:56 AM ©2003

Hey How Long Till That Next Spike Lee Joint?

That Last One Had Me Bamboozled.

I was Looking Forward To Something From Him Soon

I Heard He Was Working On K-Mart Ads.

I Want To See Something Hip And Fresh

Like Do The Right Thing

Or He Got Game.

Denzel Spoke To Me In That One.

When’s The Next Time I Get To See

A Portrait Of An Aspiring Clocker

Who Escapes The PJ’s.

Like Some One From A Juantana Vera Dream?

When’s The Next Time I Get To See

The Fury And Ecstasy Of Summer Of Sam

Played Out In The Hot Summer

Of A Cooling Movie House.

Bring It On Spike

And Let The World Have It

Because We Need To Hear Your Voice

Bring The Power

To The People.

The Bills are on the WireEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:15:48 PM ©2003

The Buffalo Bills

Are On The Wire

They’ve Got the hookup

For their Playoff Berth.

They are a demolition truck

With Wire and Adams

And they rip grass

Like Wasps with Reed.

The next team doesn’t stand a chance

With Bledsoe at the helm

And a killer running back

Like Reliable Henry.

I can see them land hooking

Into the Super Bowl

Possibly knocking out Oakland

Or Running Over Tampa.

Do you see what I see?Edit

The Class Presidency 1990

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:35:52 PM ©2003

I stood up on a table

In 1990

To try to get people to vote

For me to Be

Class President.

I was running against

Eugene Williams and Tiffany Pisa

I thought If I won

It might turn my luck around.

Coach dragged me down

And pulled me by the ear into his office

And I got the lecture of a lifetime.

I was demolished in my white pinstriped suit

But I only narrowly lost

At least I can poke fun at that.

The Curtain Doesn’t OpenEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 8:26:24 AM ©2003

The curtain doesn’t open

On This production

Until I yell


And The Lights Come Up.

The Premiere Screening

Will Be Danced Upon

By Winona Ryder

And Johnny Depp.

The Story

A Raver In 93

An Allen Town Recovery Alcoholic

A Computer Tech in 95

A Student Graduated In 98

Web Published By 99.

A Political Maven In 2000.

Clean 10 Years In 2003.

It’s Nothing To Sneeze At.

Can You Say You’ve Pulled The Gamut Of The 90s?

I’m working All The Switches Now

Jim’s Running The Projector.

Look Out 2004.

The Matrix Is Done.

The Greens are In The BrocoliEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


The Greens Are In The Brocoli

And The Spinach

Of A Spanakopita

And the Lime

Of Old Fashioned Kool Aid.

The Lake Of Ophelia Is Green

And She Is Purple In The Water

But Hamlet Survives

Until The Task Is Complete.

“The Renegades of Funk”Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley

9/27/2003 1:14:58 PM ©2003

The Renegades of Funk

Are here among us

And inside us.

We are changing the face

Of the planet

In the eternal groove

Of Pirate Radio

On Hip Hop Zulu Nation

With Voodoo Television

And Nitrous Exhalation.

I have them on my wall

In a collage of classic and modern cars.

And they aren’t going anywhere

They’ve just elevated in a stock split

And the unsettled pavement

Is going to rise like riveted Astroturf

Under a spiked heel.

Nothing is going to replace Doctors and Nurses's. VA could make bteetr use of its budget to hire more of both instead of trying to convince us everything is ok, its NOT! Instead of using best practices across the board each hospital is mostly left to them to run. If McDonalds can make a cheese burger taste the same through all around the world VA should. What you get and what it taste like is a real problem. Right now VA is TRYING WAY too hard to change its image without changing the Product, its not going to work.Start with the attitude of VA employees, they are there to Serve Veterans and to GIVE benefits the idea its free clinic needs to be drummed out and eradicated. Next let's address Fraud, I see TONS of people all the time trying to cheat on stuff like Travel Pay and other services. VA could save a TON on cracking down on even ATTEMPTING to defraud VA will mean a 6 month loss of ALL services, Second Attempt 1 Year, Third Attempt Ban for life. Any successful fraud would be a Ban for Life.What has VA done to Improve on the Ground Healthcare, these are the ONLY metric's that should be looked at. Your just throwing stuff up against the wall and seeing what sticks.Start by having the Claims Rep running each claim to call the Vet and tell them which way the claim is going, correct the problems before they come up, every time you mess something up it just causes 6 months to a year to correct something that should have only taken 3 min, IF SOMEONE WOULD CALL FIRST!Fire the current advisors, them telling you yes and the dumb programs coming out need to GO! The NASCAR jerk that spent a HALF MILLION on that needs to ride out on a POLE!Where is all the income for the research VA is paying for, companies are making HUGE bucks off what VA is paying for. We should get OWNERSHIP rights off of VA research dollars, put it into MORE RESEARCH!..VA needs to hire everyday Vet's not just the Privileged Few their voice should be equal to any 4 Star! Veteran's OverSite!Call me I can tell you what to do next Nothing is going to replace Doctors and Nurses's. VA could make bteetr use of its budget to hire more of both instead of trying to convince us everything is ok, its NOT! Instead of using best practices across the board each hospital is mostly left to them to run. If McDonalds can make a cheese burger taste the same through all around the world VA should. What you get and what it taste like is a real problem. Right now VA is TRYING WAY too hard to change its image without changing the Product, its not going to work.Start with the attitude of VA employees, they are there to Serve Veterans and to GIVE benefits the idea its free clinic needs to be drummed out and eradicated. Next let's address Fraud, I see TONS of people all the time trying to cheat on stuff like Travel Pay and other services. VA could save a TON on cracking down on even ATTEMPTING to defraud VA will mean a 6 month loss of ALL services, Second Attempt 1 Year, Third Attempt Ban for life. Any successful fraud would be a Ban for Life.What has VA done to Improve on the Ground Healthcare, these are the ONLY metric's that should be looked at. Your just throwing stuff up against the wall and seeing what sticks.Start by having the Claims Rep running each claim to call the Vet and tell them which way the claim is going, correct the problems before they come up, every time you mess something up it just causes 6 months to a year to correct something that should have only taken 3 min, IF SOMEONE WOULD CALL FIRST!Fire the current advisors, them telling you yes and the dumb programs coming out need to GO! The NASCAR jerk that spent a HALF MILLION on that needs to ride out on a POLE!Where is all the income for the research VA is paying for, companies are making HUGE bucks off what VA is paying for. We should get OWNERSHIP rights off of VA research dollars, put it into MORE RESEARCH!..VA needs to hire everyday Vet's not just the Privileged Few their voice should be equal to any 4 Star! Veteran's OverSite!Call me I can tell you what to do next

This one looks goodEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

©2003 9/30/2003 2:20:05 AM

I stumbled upon this link while doing some work

On getting all of my e-mail sorted

And I began to wonder

Maybe there’s something to

Substance over form.

It’s all just a part of

Mike Cevers Growing Pains

I suppose.

Because Believing In Something

That Isn’t Real

Can Only Let You Down.

Video GamesEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:30:00 AM

To me Phantasmagoria

Is a video game

Hardly an artistic endeavor

But then

There can be beauty in the graphic.

I think Ghost Stories are the most telling

They tell of Ancestors trapped on the human plane

And that is where the thought

Of possibly being able to talk to them

Once again

Might be a beautiful thing.

Whatcha know about Jam Master J?Edit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:10:57 PM ©2003

What do you know about Jam Master J?

I know the story of Rock Meets Rap.

I know how to walk this way.

“But that boy’s white?”

You say.

And I Say

I grew up a Native American English

Syrian Lebanese and Welsh thang.

I’m kind of a mix

And Jam Master J

Knew How to Mix It Up.

I Won’t Forget him for it either.

The Jam Master knew how to rock it to the Bourgeoisie

And he’ll still be bangin’ kid

On the other side.

Whatever PeytonEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:39:52 AM

Whatever Peyton

You won two

Let me clue you in

To the pressure of my teams








And Kansas City

Have all also won two

And it won't be long

Before you have to face one of them.

Plan on getting sacked.

Battle ChessEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:22:53 AM

Battle Chess

was my generation's

Wizard's chess.

I watch as Ron sacrifices himself

In Harry Potter's game

On the television in the living room

And I think

Wouldn't it be interesting

If an Attraction like that

Found it's way into

The Oz of my hometown.

Defenders of The CrownEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley 9/17/2003 7:56:53 AM ©2003

There were four of us

Ryan Martin Tony And Myself

Back Then We Believed

For King and Country.

In The Dark Ages of The Commodore

We Jousted

We Hurled Cattle

And We ate Pizza.

The Nights Were Long

Like Tonight

And The Soda Was Cold

And We Were Innocent

We Were All The Light In The Darkness.

Glenn and RoriEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:45:41 AM ©2003

Glen and Rori

Visited me in the Park

On The Picnic Afternoon

During Which Jason the Wolf

Showed Us Skateboard Tricks

On The Roof Of a Cooler Chest.

He Almost Ended Up With A Face Plant.

We Had Guns Containing Disappearing Ink

Called Zap Its

And We Chased Around Like Fools Trying To Soak One Another

With Water Balloons.

Tammy Was There To Keep Me In Good Spirits

If I wasn’t the host

I’d have snuck off with her somewhere.

Nobody Remembers That Afternoon better than I.

Jimmy AbodanzzaEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:43:21 PM ©2003

Jimmy Abodanzaa was Jim Menkenna’s friend

I spent some time with these two in detention

One specific day being the day I stood on the table.

He was a fan of IRON MAIDEN and Madonna.

He was good at drawing Grafitti

And his father used to own a photocopier.

Jimmy Abodanzaa was smarter than he let on

And today stays in contact with Kelly who had a bonfire

In her back yard two years ago.

He is a New Yorker as well

But seems more reserved now

And more in control of things.

I am glad to see this in him

And wish him only the best.

Jimmy MenkennaEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:39:16 PM ©2003

Jimmy Menkenna was one of Rob Brown’s friends

I can and will venture to say he was the most visually talented artist

That I ever met in high school.

He also played guitar and liked to listen to keyboard music

He ended up in my art class one year

Where we designed plates and made clay sculptures.

When I ran for president

He drew Bart Simpson posters for me

I hope he is doing well right now in New York.


By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:48:16 PM ©2003

Karen was Rob’s girlfriend

She was a check out clerk for Super Duper in High School

That was where Rob Worked Too.

We spent time at Karen’s House On The Back Porch

On Some Dark Summer nights

Playing Drinking Games

And trying to make Playing card Pyramids.

Karen played many mind games

With Rob threatening the worst

Of terrible things at times

But she always kept her Neurosis quiet

To The Rest of The World.

Rob Could Handle It

He Was a Skater.

Psychosis Catch 22Edit

By Christopher J. Bradley

©2003 9/17/2003 11:46:30 AM

I wrote my greatest work

While out of control

Some would say

“that’s cliché’”

But tell me

If it hadn’t been for

DNA and synaptic sizzle

Perhaps the artist wouldn’t have discovered his art.

Heller knew

And even though I never read him

I saw the movie.

And two hours of Trauma

Can last

a lifetime.

The Bicycle Was FreedomEdit

9/17/2003 8:17:32 AM ©2003

by Christopher J. Bradley

After bike camp

My legs were ripped.

The bicycle was freedom

On a whole other scale.

I could ride all the way out Military Rd

To Visit Tammy

Or ride the other direction

To play RPG’s with Ryan and our friends.

10 speeds and flexible brakes

In those days were all I needed.

I had been used to carrying a spare tire

Just for emergencies.

What a trip it could have been

If they’d had small cell phones

In The 80’s.

The Front 242 ConcertEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:03:18 AM ©2003

The Fall of my Senior Year of High School

I took Charlene Rob And Karen

To Toronto to see Front 242

We arrived late and missed the opening band.

It was at the Concert Hall on Yonge St.

We stayed in the balcony for the entire show

And watched black leathered Slam Dancers

Have at One another

Under the glow of the video Screen.

CGI was new then.

We used to think Car Crashes were cool.


by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/29/2003 11:59:22 PM

Today I drive down the Eisenhower expressway

Our city has always had yellow busses

And always will.

I see them in the morning

At the school

And I see them in the afternoon

As I drive to lunch.

Late in coming

The executive had prevailed

In establishing

The truth of the law.

Beige ZootEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:33:30 AM

Back in the days

When kicks were the filet

And jazz noodled into your ears

My Zoot fit was Beige.

It was a riot

And Not Quiet

And the Horns went BeBopaloo.

But right to this day

In the place that we stay

We go global like a foot soldier troop

With 2 Pat on the Sears

And Steve O on the Gears

And Mike Setting the Tempo of Grind

With a Cancer Researcher

And His Friend The Med Boarder

And myself in the pages of time

My beige zoot

comes with a helmet

So don't think I'm not well put

When you find me out on the front lines.

Birds EncryptedEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:24:11 AM

My birds

Have ION cannons

And are moving

With the swiftness of

Aerosol chased


They are woven

In Traffic

With My Disks of Mishkal

In the heart of Alabama

On the Edge of Florida's Tropic Launchpad.

The O rings are burning

For My Two Fallen Shuttles

And The Skies Are Afire

With Their Grey Afterflare.

May The Raptors Avenge Them

On The Court of the Nations

While Carter Receives His Report

From Dashcle and Shumer.

I have seen the power

Of Air Force ROTC

And I have dedicated my statements

To Cool Vaughn

The Chicago Regulator.

Bob HopeEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

©2003 7/29/03

Bob Hope

Joins Bing Crosby

And Danny Kay

Heroes And Entertainers

Of An Era From The Last Great War

That Could Sing

And Dance

And Make Comedic Gestures

That Would Set Our Hearts Alight

Here’s To Their Christmas In The Stars.

Flexgrip You've Served Me WellEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(C)2003 9/30/2003 12:31:33 AM

Through endless hours in lecture mayhem

And notetaking to the brink of extinction

You have carried me to the other side

To the place where the inkwell runs free.

Today is the beginning of a new mission

And I have you to share it with

Barring interruptions

And there is a new evening light

Shining through my sky blue curtains.

Let the Festival begin

And the acrobats and jugglers

Jesters and Mimes

Chase Through Victoria's Secret

With a Dog (Make It Small)

While The Man Under The Street

In Harlem Practices Politics

In The Age Old Impotent fashion

of those with their feet stumping

Mississipi with Kerosene.

Let The North Wind Blow South

And Freeze The Dead Brass Balls of General Lee.

We AMERICANS will live free.

Francis Scott KeyEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley ©2003 8/30/03

The other morning I had a discussion with my father about Francis Scott Key. I was amazed to remember that he was a poet observing the battle in 1812 from a ships deck while watching the explosions arc over the battlefield which is one of the reasons that we have fireworks on the fourth of July today. Step forward a few years and every night we have fireworks at 10 o’clock over the falls. It’s almost as if we are celebrating daily the events of that fateful battle for independence and it’s impact on us all. The battle rages on. Today a bomb went off in Iraq threatening to stir the entire country into turmoil further hampering our efforts to secure the region and making the situation that much more deadly for our troops and fellow Americans abroad. I strongly urge anyone to support the position of getting the United Nations involved but rather than as an aggressor a peace keeper. A good friend of mine whom I have included on the list tonight who is well versed in History reminded me that Einstein said that the war following world war III will be fought with Sticks and Stones because there will be nothing else left. I would tend to agree with that thinking considering that with the nuclear arms race still in full swing we are at greater and greater risk of potential global catastrophe.

I believe that in the days ahead if we take careful account of our actions and believe in our creator as a compassionate one we may yet have a chance to extend our survival factor as a species. Extinction is nothing new to the Earth. We need to be concerned about it now.

I believe the aims of Pat in his conservation efforts are noble and just and would like to encourage him to step forward as a pioneer in the field and to write as often as possible regarding his interests in politics green ethics and the current affairs of avian creatures as they know when it is going to get cold. Winter is coming soon and it won’t be long before many of us want to climb under a blanket and do nothing but watch TV and eat Kettle Corn.

I have been riding my stationary bicycle lately and am losing a little bit of weight. I actually fit into a 2x shirt yesterday that I bought from Urban street gear. I have also been seeing my doctors and lawyers lately and my parents have acquired a car for me to drive. My friend Jerry actually caught the fact that it was missing an oil cap and saved me driving the engine right into the ground the first week. I really appreciate his helping me out with that and I am glad I have made and kept his acquaintance over the past year. Many people may think that it is strange that I would continue to go to Toms to visit the people that I do there but I have made some friends in the Buffalo community that are pretty bright and talented people and I am proud to say that I know them.

I miss times spent with Ryan and some of the other people I used to spend more time with but I think that Ryan has more ability than I do to travel and get himself involved in follies of an international nature than I have at the present time with some of the things that hold me to the ground. Right now those include my finances.

As of December of this year if I have not succumbed to some untimely circumstance I will have cleared up every single one of my outstanding debts to a collector or creditor. I have looked into things and I should be at absolute zero and gradually climbing. I do not intend to fall back into my old patterns again and I can use all of your help and support to keep me busy and away from doing compulsive and foolish things. I have decided that I definitely have some issues to work on that require multiple forms of counseling and I have agreed with my current doctor to undergo more therapy with trying to discuss the problems that I have encountered over time.

Some of the good books I have been reading lately have been Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” as recommended by Steve Schnepf (who has currently been accepted Full Time at WBEN) and Orpheus Emerged by Jack Kerouac. I have been trying to do some reading out loud

Happy Belated BirthdayEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


Happy Belated Birthday Superman

Our New World Has Been Sailed To A Second Time

And Gerhig has played his 1500th consecutive game.

Tonight I was lost in the pages of the Sprorting news

And rifling through pages and pages of other people's work

On the poetry thread

Building silver wires in the hair of two flowerchildren's


We are all over Calvin and Klein's billboards

And we are making a monument to the Native Land

Converted to fields of Gold

In the Casinos

And Oil Fields of the Reservation

The Forgotten Lands

Turned toward the west.

I find SantanaEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/29/2003 11:57:37 PM

I find Santana in a Jersey Record shop

And in a peace band at a Zappa Cover show

And in the brickyard

With the hip hop Nation.

Of a New New York.

Overcome The ChallengeEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 1:04:53 PM ©2003

I heard Saturday’s Speech By Grey Davis

And I also heard the chants building

The winds are changing

And I can perceive foul wind from D.C.

Those of you in California

Lift up your voices

Say everything you can

To Stop The Insanity.

After All

If Reagan Couldn’t Recall

You should have to refuse a Recollection.

Bill’s Sunday Sermon of the Truth

Should not be taken Lightly

There’s Nothing Wrong With

Shaking Some Hands

And driving home your Stake

Before your House Becomes Divided.

I’m Pitching a Tent With The Hair Club For Men.

Ray CharlesEdit

by Christopher j. Bradley


Today is the man's birthday

That brought us the downhome

Soul Town

Electric Piano sound.

I find him in the same pages of history

That flow through Langston and Maya.

He is a man of the city

And a man of Chicago and New York.

He had eyes

And could see with his ears.

He was a man

If only I could aspire

To have half of his smile.

Rise Langston RiseEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:38:30 AM

Rise Langston

From the Ashes of The Delta

Take a Knee On The Graves of Your Ancestors

And pray that all of their children

Not Have To suffer times such as these

We are in the midst of the Texas oil war

Mr. Hughes

The Stakes are high

And The Pot Heavy

We need you to transcend your times

And bring us anew to the future.

I need my place in the sheltered

Coverage of the Waldorf Astoria

Help me cut these chains

Shackled to my mind

With Poison.

Rise Langston

And bring your harem of strong women along

And let them fight the good fight

Live Free or Return to the Past.


By Christopher J. Bradley 9/30/2003 2:20:39 AM ©2003

I feel like I went to Rome and back last night. I learned more about linguistics than I think I’ve learned in a while. Specifically the linguistics of 5000 years ago. My friend that I talk to at Tom’s is extremely gifted with World History and it is interesting to note that he has been to Washington several times. I didn’t know that until last night. I really wish I could get more of you to come and meet him. Someday we’ll all be synched up though I guess.

I know one thing for certain. I am spending some mad cash in Tom’s when I have it. That place has been a great asset to me. I have met all types of people there that I never would have met otherwise and I see the people that work there as the friends that I don’t think I’ve had since it became so clear to everyone that I was somehow imbalanced. At least they can believe the truth of what it is like to have ups and downs. And these people are real people they have children and families and lives and they deserve the same respect anyone would give someone who works for Oxy or Delphi or any other business. Just because they don’t earn 20000 a year doesn’t make them any less productive citizens for their work.

The world is made up of all types of people and killing and war is not a solution to any of their individual problems. And I will hold that position to the end. I have heard the message and it’s not on TV. It’s in the bookracks of the library and if you can’t hear it you should find someone to help you hear it. We are here and we’re here to stay

Send The Packaderms PackingEdit

9/17/2003 7:36:28 AM ©2003

by Christopher J. Bradley

Get a tree branch

And flick those huge hind quarters

You’ve done everything correctly

When you can say you’ve sent the elephants home.

They should be driven back to Texas

With a Tractor trailer hitch

Maybe they can fertilize

Some Ranchero Soil.

Cause They Certainly Ain’t doin’ Nothin’ for Us

Behind The Grinder.

I want my friends back.


By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:07:17 AM ©2003

Spies are the truest weapons of war

They act within the frame of what you think you know

Until you wake up

And find a dagger in your chest.

There are spies for all parts

North East West and South.

Northern chill runs up my back

Eastern Senators ruin my pocketbook

Western directors try to steal my eyes

And Southern spies are setting up for the kill.

Hell Thanksgiving’s almost here

Where are the scouts when you need them?

The Birth of an EmpireEdit

by Christopher Bradley


This morning

A child was born

That would strike fear into the masses

And grip an iron fist over generations.

We feel him today in Monday Night's Revelry

And we find him on the steps

Of our capitol institutions

And we feel the leaves wrapped around our foreheads

We feel the reeds move with his whispers

And the music purrs in Octaves through our headphones.

The calendar seeps into the blur

Of my consciousness

as I consider the wrath of his successors.

The Liberty Bell CrackedEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

8/31/2003 5:40:19 AM ©2003

The Liberty Bell Cracked In Pennsylvania

For Me It was Only 3 Years Ago

For Others A Long Time Back In History

And Yet Others Not At All.

The Bell Used To Rest Next To What Is Now First Niagara Bank

A Replica Anyway

When I was young

To Remind Us Of Our Freedoms.

I Remember Stopping By There And Looking Out At It

Through My Mother’s Car Window When I was Young

En Route To Round The Clock Restaurant

For Hamburgers And Cokes

With My Grandmother.

My Grandmother

On One Of Those Summer Afternoons

Gave Me One Of My Uncles Old Coin Carriers

It Was Metal And Could Be Attached At The Belt

He Used To Use It To Deliver Newspapers.

She Would Give Me Quarters To Put In It

When We Brought It Back By Her House.

I Regretted The Day I Was Unable To Help Her

And Thought A Harm To Her

All I Wanted To Do Was Read Her The Bible.

She Was Calmed By It That Night

Fearful Someone Had Broken In.

The City Can Be A Frightful Place At Night.

I Was 23.

But Then They Say

You’ve Been Told Not To Answer The Phone

She’s Paranoid.

Perhaps She Was

But I Knew People Who Were Stealing From Her

And I Never Had To Ask Her For Sypathy

I Wish I Could Have Expressed My Own.

This Past Year At Her Funeral

I Read A Poem About Her Wedding Dress

Photos I’d Never Seen Until The Day Before

The House Had Long Been Flooded Out.

And The Liberty Bell Cracked In Pennsylvania

Three Years Ago

Because I Had To Just Get Away From It All

The Mind Numbing Horror Of It.

My Aunt Is On The Same Rails.

War Equals ViolenceEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:36:42 AM

War equals violence

Shortening Violence to War

Makes It Sound Nice

Maybe I can clarify things

War is blood and children weeping

War is concussion bombs deafening old and young alike

War is murder and deconstruction of humans

With no regard for stabalization.

A victimless war cannot be won

The gunners in their turrets with their

Second day hangovers wouldn't have it any other way.

And that's speaking of the legal buzzes

War and pacification are not synonymous

See how they apply the Jihad to their turncoats?

We as global citizens

Must join hands and put an end

To not only war

But also purposeless terror.

Which I'm afraid to say War also perpetuates.

"We Choose To Go To The Moon"Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(C)2003 9/30/2003 12:18:30 AM

"We Choose to Go to the Moon"

With A Spacecraft

Full Of Hallucinogenic Visions.

The Witchdoctor Provides His Insights

And Makes Us Ready For The Ascendancy

Of A New Level Of Drama

In The Taking Back.

Of The House That Always Should Have Been Ours

And The Disruptors Of Power

Will Be Disrupted Themselves

For All Power Belongs To The Omnipresent One

And He Is Not To Be Toyed With.

"We Choose To Go To The Moon"

They've Taken Us There Then

And They Are Going To Build Us A Tent There

And Serve Us Bottled Water

And Orange Juice

Straight From Florida

Enter My Covert VortexEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


You have found my Ace of Spades

He is Ever Present

In Both Sleeves of My Jacket Pocket.

He Smiles Upon You All

With Both Jokers

In A Game

Where One Eyed Jacks Are Wild.

We Have Played This Game Before

But Humanity Has Always Triumphed

In All Of Its Splendor

Over A Lack Therof.

Good Regardless of its evenness in nature

Will always triumph over evil

And my Knights on the Dark Side

Will Rise Up and Win The Game

With a Good Defensive Parlay.

We Hold Down

Streets Blocks Zip and Area Codes

We Hold Down Nations

And Stations

And Global Communications Networks.

And We Are Americans

We Came Here To Stay

And We Came Here To Win.

Bears and Moose and Loons!Edit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 8:26:58 AM ©2003

We went on an exploration of the Northeast Lake System

About 7 years ago.

It was interesting

I went with Pat Alberto Arroyo Maria Lucia And Tatis.

Alberto and the Girls were Spanish

Having Arrived From Montreal Where They Were Studying English Abroad

Paid For by Anderssen Consulting.

It was Amazing To Talk to people From a different Part Of The World.

We Rented Our Canoes

And Purchased Lake System Maps

And Then Headed Out From Our Campground Into The Wilderness.

The Ducks and Loons Were on Our Horizon And You Could Hear Them In The Noiseless


We Traveled Like Indians Among The Jumping Fish and Surface Bugs On The Water

And the Splashes Kept Us Moist As We Traded Off Steering Duties.

About 4 hours into the journey I realized what a great deal of work it was going to be

As we met our first Portage

We emptied the canoes

And then carried all our equipment and the canoes over ground

Only to start again and continue on

To Our first Night’s Campground.

We did 2 Portages That Day.

At the campground we ate Peanut Butter and Jelly and Spaghettio’s From A Can


We had to carry Every Scrap of Trash with us

Lest the Bears Sniff It Out

Or The Preserve Become Littered.

We never saw a Moose

But The Idea That They Were Out There Among Us

Had Me A Little Spooked.

From What I had heard they are huge

At Night You Could Hear The Wild Dogs of The Woods Howl.

In The Moonlight

The Stars Shone Bright Against The Water.

We Pitched Tents Before It Was Too Late.

The Girls Were Conservative But Were All Over Alberto.

He Was A Man Of The World.

So We Slept

And Rose To The Excruciating Fact That There Are No Toilets In The Woods.

And That Workout Does Things To Your Insides.

Boston Lobster and SpadeEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 10:56:17 AM ©2003

Ryan and I went to Boston

For Spring Break One Year

We stayed at The Comfort Inn

It was being remodeled and was cheap.

We went to several Irish Bars after St. Patrick’s Day

Because he wanted to see his “half of the city”

Some of the names of the places

Included Cheers The Purple Shamrock

The Black Rose and Kitty O’Sheas.

I Insisted On A Stop at The Arrow Pub (Across From Harvard).

Somehow we found with the patience of the night auditor

A good place to eat Lobster and For this I am eternally grateful to him.

For there was no other significant point

To the entire excursion.

Chaos TableEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:40:19 AM ©2003

I’m writing atop the chaos table

It looks good thrice a year

Right now it’s got everything on it

And nothing of immediate use.

I could unwrap the Wired Magazine

Or Sift through old newspapers

But Then if I were doing This

My pen would be silent

Contributing to the unrest.

I stare at sixteen cans of colored clay

And think back to art class

In high school and making little men

As though I had Zeus control

Of The Fates.

We all fall sometimes

To our portraits and portals

Mine just happen to be static

While the graying chalk face

Fades under soft white luminescence.

Cigars in OctoberEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley


I remember one October

Smoking a cigar on the front porch

To Scare the little trick or treaters

Away from Smoking.

I think I scared their parents

More than I scared them.

A Night On The DriftEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 (c)2003

November 1996 Around The 22nd.

The Car Was Parked In

I Had 700 Dollars In The Bank

And 10 In My Wallet

I Went For A Bus Ride.

I Had 1 Sunglass Lens In.

A Topcoat

All You Needed In the Winter Chill

With A Sweatshirt.

The Buffalo Night Was Actually Pretty Warm.

I Walked In To The Homey Allen Town Café

From Niagara Street’s Stop.

All Of The Players In The Neighborhood Were There

The Chess People

The Teacher From A Numbered School

The Girl In Her Fatigues Fresh From ROTC.

I’m Watching The Television

Clinton Is On

Giving The State Of The Union Address

The Secret Service Are In The Aisles

And The Speech Is About To Conclude.

I Stand And Watch Patiently

To Make Sure He Leaves The Stage Safely.

Chip Is There

I Try To Sell Him One Of My 2 Watches

For Thirty Bucks

He Offers Me Five

He Complains To The Owner When I Refuse To Sell

I am warned that I will Have To Leave

If I pester The Customers.

I’ve Been A Good Customer There For 3 Years.

How Can This Turn On Me?

Catherine Walks In As I am Walking Out.

I Walk Down The Street To The Smoke Shop

And Buy A Carton Of

Benson And Hedges Special King Light Menthols.

I Walk Back To The Café

Set Them On The Bar Stool

And Offer The Cigarettes To Her As Her Wedding Present.

I am Escorted Out By The Owner

An Ambulance Is In The Middle Of Things

The Police Are There

I Am Hauled Away In Public.

There Is No Where I will Go Again

Like That.


By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 7:26:23 AM


My aunt and I

Took In Fireworks Friday

Down Under The Helipad

At The Trading Post

They Went Off at 10 PM

As They Do Every Friday In Summer

In Niagara Falls.

We Listened To The Articulate Piano Meanderings

Of Tori Amos

While The Blasts Rained Down

A Show Of Independence

In The Cataract City.

They Lit The Casino Night

Like The Exploding Depot In Supercop On Saturday Morning.

It’s Been An Interesting Weekend.

Five Subject NotebookEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

©2003 9/29/2003 6:34:45 PM

I used to write

Chemistry and Physics

And Global Studies

In These Things

They Were Always A Mess

With The Papers Falling Out

Of The Pockets

All Over The Place

And They Didn't Hold Folders Well

That's The Primary Reason

I Switched To Legal Pads

And Blank Folders

As Long As They Were Different Colors

Because Colors

Are The Spice Of Life


By Christopher J. Bradley

7/27/2003 6:03:51 AM ©2003

I talked to Frist last night.

He said that America Dominated in WWII through Attrition.

We were the only country to win a war and come home.

Sounds pretty significant.

While we are victorious in wars.

We suffered casualties.

Nothing said we should have to do that

And so He is of the opinion

That France is no good.

I can’t blame him.

You don’t see me reading about France.

France has had its moments.

But the moment it turned its back on us

Was the moment it lost its credibility on the stage.

Vivendi is going in the toilet.

No Surprise.

Hollywood’s Not going to put up with that shit.

Neither is Vegas.

Not that I am a subscriber to their connections.

I can barely scrape 2 cents together.

Think about it for a moment though

Would you want French Propaganda Streaming Into Our Theaters?

Let them eat it.

There should be a Microsoft pictures company

Someone who could show the world the reality behind the machine.

No one ever buys anything they can find for free.

It would be a justification for the world as we know it.

A true image of what’s really going on.

We are getting seduced by the machine

And it is drawing us closer and farther from one another

By the pixel.

Believe It.

Let them steal the title American Mohawk.

Make a Full Blown Action Thriller Out Of It

Whore It Until The Nation Bows To The Grace Of Daniel Day Lewis.

Go Cubs!Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:26:44 AM

Wish I could decide

Between New York and Chicago

I like their baseball teams equally well

I remember walking at night

Past Wrigley Field

Headed for an old theater club

Called Medusas

Where they played

Industrial Music

By bands like Front 242

And Skinny Puppy

While I was there

I heard Two Beats Ahead

Who had a multi-media presentation

With Televisions

And videotaped performance clips

Of Atom Bomb destruction.

The Cubs will always be remembered by me

As Richard Pryor's team

Of Brewster's Millions

When he had the opportunity

To make as much as he could

By spending all that he had.

It's a wonder that things don't work that way


Green Tea and BongosEdit

9/17/2003 7:17:35 AM ©2003

by Christopher J. Bradley

On Allen Street

The 3B’s Café

Open Until Early Morning

Served Snapple and Mystic Teas.

Once I had a Tarot Reader

Look Into my Cards

They Never Tell You Anything

That You Can Recall The Next Day.

The Night That I tried Green Tea

I sat Playing The Bongos.

Into The History

Of A Grown Man In A Tie

Came The Heart Of His Tribal Essense

Even Though

It Was Nothing Like Dancing

In The Shrines Of Science.

Happy Birthday CharlesEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003

Happy Birthday Charles

I am your Buffalo Soldier

I smoked my first menthol cigarette

One night when we were out and shining

Your daughter is a beautiful girl.

I hope she is married and happy

She deserves the best.

And she is probably very talented with Literature.

I am aware of her ability to understand

Even the most infinitely ingrained subtleties of Marley

From only our first meeting.

Ted would have known

Being from Hawaii with all of his

Macadamia Nuts.

Man those cookies are still good.

On all of the shelves of the Blackstone Starbucks.

I can hear the Evanescence of your WineEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/29/2003 6:43:07 PM

Let the Angels wings of these words I send to you

Find you and bring you up from the depths of your miserable horde

And free you from the cantor of the rabble.

For you have been swarmed by the spirits that startle you from within and


You are beautiful on my TV screen

With your Jellyfish and Plasmatic ways.

You have fallen from great heights to reach me

When I was always there

And will always be.

Find me in the green Leaves of Grass

On a picnic blanket

Under a white balloon called Love

I can hear the Evanescence of your Wine.

"Just Because"Edit

by Christopher J. Bradley


I remember that gift

I still have it in the closet.

I hope you learned enough to get by

Without me.

I could have been so much useful

If I'd just grown up before sinking my teeth

Into Chicago Deep Dish pizza.

Lexington OverrideEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 8:46:09 AM ©2003

When I went to Disney with my friends

I slept out in the Van in Lexington

There was no room for me in the non-smoker’s apartment.

I will not forget this fact

And even though Kentucky is the Blue Grass State

The Two Nights There And Back were Terrible

But Then

My Noting It here

Makes No Difference To Anyone Of Conseuqence.

Phone Numbers RotEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/17/03

By now you'd think they would have

Worked out a way for point to point communication

That didn't require phone numbers.

Whe happens when you write down

A Wrong number?

Do you just lose that person for good?

Why do you get charged for an information call

If the number you request is unlisted?

This is theft and it is wrong

And it should not be tolerated.

Screw the phone line

Go Cellular Exclusive

And let the phone company eat it

when they try to tax you unfairly.



The Boy Scout Popcorn Sale DinnerEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

©2003 9/19/2003 6:30:20 AM

Last Friday

My mother and I attended

A dinner for training for a fund raiser

We had great rolls

Salad with Chef’s house Italian dressing

And very well spiced spaghetti

For desert we had French Vanilla ice cream

They were trying to promote an upscale sale

But my mother knew that her customers

Would never go for an eighteen dollar pack

So she opted for the lesser program

I was just glad to go along

I got some exposure to some of

The Erie county troop leaders

And I went home satisfied.

The Falcon StampEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

8/31/2003 5:09:33 AM ©2003

Three falcons flew across a postage stamps cover in the dead of night.

The writer momentarily looked upon the stamp

Before placing it on the envelope for the world to see.

The writer thought

Might the falcons have been discussing the Raptors of the Sky

Like Pterodactyls yet able to disrupt landmasses built by men

In the realm once only by them.

Or would they have been discussing how men talk

From those strangely shaped objects

That they carry in their pockets?

These falcons they might have been wondering about their own intelligence

Or the sky even higher above their window in the atmosphere.

Thinking of Voyager or Pioneer and the planets.

Are we really alone in this big oxide landscape.

The writer attended to the paper for a moment

And then sipped from his mug

Lamenting the loss of his lack of wings

And took a drag on his finger.

Someday the smoke signals will fly up to those heights

And the avians will find their mice

Skittering about in the gravel

And someday

The letter

Will reach

Its’ destination.

The Ripe Blonde RoseEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:12:58 AM ©2003

The morning was sweet

The sun dithered in through

My striped Yellow Curtains

And in the measure of an Instant

We were joined.

I thought all during this

Event of coupled bliss

Of the things I would

Share with her in the coming weeks.

She was my Blonde Rose

Her scent like that of a Ripe Pomegranite

If I were a rich man

I’d have given her Pearls.

It was no use thinking for tomorrow

As the sun glinted in her brown eyes

And we both gasped

Sweating together

In the cool of winter.

The Voice Mail CardEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 11:17:30 AM ©2003

Back when I was working at Computer City

As a Cashier and Stock Boy

I discovered the perfect Toy

It was a voice mail card.

As I Became A Salesman

And All of the Prices Fell

It looked as though I could afford It

So I went ahead and bought it.

The installation was easy enough

But using it as an every day item

Was kind of difficult

You would have to play with the mouse too much.

It was very interesting to see

This first generation of hardware work though

It was the only Prometheus of it’s kind

And it made me Breathe Fire.

Well FedEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

7/26/2003 6:26:56 AM ©2003

Someone sent me some ugly pictures in e-mail today.

Not so much in the content

But in the presentation.

They targeted people who are overweight.

It wasn’t a nice thing to do

He knew I am overweight.

There is nothing I can do about that fact.

I can barely walk.

This man has no respect for other people

And what goes around comes around.

Some day he will get his due.

Maybe he’ll die fat.

White Board LieEdit

9/17/2003 7:21:28 AM ©2003

They suckered me

Oh yeah

They suckered me good

To The Tune of Fourteen Thousand Dollars.

And They Accepted My Check

With Hungry Eyes.

They Showed Off Your Whiteboard

Miracle Of Chicago

But When I Got There

Taught Me Fortran 77

And Told Me I’d Have To Shred Old Documents For Them.

No I Read Free

You Can Take Your Textbook Stores And Shove Them


May Eggs Fall Upon You

And Break!

Back PackerEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley (c)2003

9/29/2003 6:32:58 PM

That's Him

Little Man

Walking Up The Drive

Backpack Strapped To His Shoulders

That's Him

Thats my Brother

Happy To Be

Out of School Again

He's Working Through

His Math Homework

Now Science

Now Spelling

That's him

Little Man

Sick of School Like Me

And Its Only The First Week

But He's Strong

And He's Brave

And He's My Brother

And He's Growing Up Like a Man.


By Christopher J. Bradley

9/19/2003 6:43:21 AM ©2003

Belief is a raindrop

Some might day they are God’s tears

But I see them as His message

That He hopes that we will get the message

The message of Truth.

The message that God will

Never again destroy man by flood

I saw it in the colors of a Brilliant Vibrant Rainbow

Across Niagara Falls.

The poet sings of the truths

Of the rainbow

As the tears of joy in the drama masks rain down his cheeks

Like a fountain

In the global amphitheater

Of the universe.


by Christopher J. Bradley


It almost seems like

Something greater than co-incidence

That the historical date

Of the first printing press in America

And the proposal of the Declaration of Independence

Line up on September 25th.

Maybe there is something to that whole

Word thing...

"Don't tell me what the Poets are doing.."

We've been writing all this time..

Early Morning RisingEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

7/22/2003 3:59:30 AM


Early morning rising

From the slumber of night’s stillness

And the cold of a lonely keyboard under monitor glow.

The birds make the first sounds of morning.

They invite me down to my stoop.

To whistle and chirp with them

In the daybreak

Full of drifting sunny clouds

While my smoke wafts up to meet them.

Tonight I’ve been reading autobiographical Kerouac.

And the coffee has settled on my stomach well with a Greek Salad.

There were discussions about cell phone plans and

Violent Tattooing in the coffee shop tonight.

I watched my friend fill out her books.

Some aboriginal Australians filtered in and out

Drinking Canadian Beer.

During those measures in front of the beat screen

I pop off a few lines of what it’s like to be alone

With the best option being a morning with the birds.

It’s as if they remember me from the Faire arcade days

When I would feed them on my lunch break

With whatever excess bread I would have

My Bible never far from my right hand.

They always accepted their gift

And fed their families well.

One of these days

Time will catch up with me

And I’ll get to reading Great Expectations

And the whole world will begin to gain clarity of a sort.

It will mean I’ll need to spend more time in bed

Even when it’s a lonely place.

I know the night time is meant for those who share it


But with the world at your fingertips

Haven’t I at least convinced you?

To share a moment…?

Don’t think twice about it.

We are empassioned souls in our own ways.

And I am sure

We’ll both find that right person

Because Death has no Victory

When Love has Conquered

On a turn

Of the Daybreak.

Lighten UpEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

©2003 9/29/2003

The world is a brighter place

Than a Bridge Over Terror

And An Alleyway Of Sex.

We have Rainbows Too.

And We Are Going To Make Them Shine

In The Smiles Of The Survivors.

You Can't Bring Me Down.

I've Got My Savior.

Lord You Don’t Have To Carry MeEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 7:31:56 AM ©2003

Lord You Don’t Have to Carry Me

I’ve found you

In The pages of the entire Library

When I call

You Come Into My Heart

Your Angels Abound

Thank You Lord

For Keeping Them Strong.

Like A Mighty Maple

In Autumn Or Spring Garb

You Stand Before Me

Your Leaves Scattering Me

To Where I Need To Be

To Find Your Path

We Are Not Forgotten Lord

You Have Shown Us That There Is A Brilliant Beyond

A Golden Sunset On A Path

Of Birch And Walnut

Carefully Tended by Squirrels

And Sparrows.

Ruby TuesdaysEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/17/2003 12:22:28 PM ©2003

One day I was shopping at Galleria Mall

For No Reason At All

I bought some small scented candles from

Yankee Candle Company.

I needed a place to sit and rest for a while

So I went into Ruby Tuesday’s to sit down for a while

And drink a Soda.

Tonight I met a good person who works there.

He prayed with me that the depression would lift.

Sending a good man on his wayEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/30/2003 2:13:08 AM ©2003

When my acquaintance left the café

Rather then immediately preach at him

To go with God

I chose to leave him with something I thought

He could immediately understand

Being that he has something of

A belief in chance

Which in my opinion

Is a lesser sin than vanity.

I call it the parable of the Roulette wheel

He is concerned that he won’t meet the right woman

So I told him

That the Roulette ball only spins for a finite period of time

Before it lands and locks into place

Meaning that at some point in life

He is bound to find his mate.

And then I flashed him a sign of Peace.

The Hands That Stretch The RainbowEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

(c)2003 9/30/2003 12:08:16 AM

Love is in the birth of the Sun

Of The Hands that Stretch It

Across the Dancing Mists of The Air

While We Sit In Boats

Fishing In The Cool Waters

Of The Saint Lawrence

As Innocent Children

Of The Coming Digital Age

And When It Is Here

Our Children

And Brothers

Will Outlive Us

To Carry On

A Message Of Joy

In The Truth

That Those Hands

Will Not Crush Us

Under The Seas.

Thursday MidnightEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

9/19/2003 6:38:59 AM ©2003

Natalie Merchant sings over Star 102.5

I’ve met Joe again

And he is calm and collected

Considering the awful treatment

His old employer has given him.

A guy like Joe deserves better

Hopefully the coming weeks

Will present some new and prosperous opportunities for him.

I have said a short prayer for him.

Dear Lord

Please help Joe secure a creative job that can afford him

Happiness and good health and bring him the fortunes

Of a respectable man. Thank you lord for your guidance and assistance

For Joe.


Very NiceEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

Miracles Happen Every Moment Of Every Day

With Every New Child Born

Onto A Special Event Horizon

Take For Instance

The First Child Of Each Year

Whose Life Is Entered

In A Wash Of Fireworks.

Believe Me

We Are Not Only All Miraculously Born

But Chosen

To Do The Good Will

Of Our Creator. [[Image:Example]]