American Mohawk

The World Before Latin


Black Maple

Winter Maple

Cold Maple


The Sex Life Of Popcorn


Modern Forms of Corn

Candle Beaux

Foreign Exchange Student

Fishnet Marianne

A Stand With Jinx

The Big Red Men


Steering Column



The Bum

Outside The Wall

Rock City Window

Naval Park

The Fire Of Dawn

On My Brother's Graduation

Silly Putty

Skylit Clouds

The Stars They Move

Zen Thing

Black Operations

Month One



Billy "The Buffalo" Graham

Jinx D. Cooley

The New Scriptures

John Travolta My Uncle


Jumbo Pop

The American Irish Republican Army

Quitting Sony

Black Fourty Seven



Ellis Island




Plastic Man

Standard Love Story

Onyx Pickups

Agents of the Government

The Warlord

The Sweetheart Waitress

The English Church

Red Jacket

The Hipster

Happy New Year

Mr. Ohio


The Tail of The Dragon

An Afternoon Out Alone

Electronic Music Workshop

Driver's Education

Homecoming Crash

End of Shift

Roulette and Madame Zilch

Lunches with Joe

Joe at George's

Chemistry 7

Atlantis Vertigo

Manhattan in A Shirt and Tie

Truly Brilliant Orange

A Fiance' Not Forgotten

Radiant Dawn

Sky Blue Irises

As Winter Begins

When The Fierceness of Winter Breaks

Harmonies From Within The Maze

Head Kick


A Steak Sandwich In The Suburban Jungle

Hurling new Dough

Now Try The Best

The Greenery of Beans

Sketch an Edge

Extra Tempestual Being

Origami Trick

From Harlem to 42nd

Grand Central Station

Central Park

Exit to George Washington

Garden State Extraction

No Free Parking in Jersey

The Darkest Zing

Rotating Lamps

Poison Tree in New Berlin

Lasergrid Pole Position

Camp Hill Hit Patches

They Can Read The Fine Print

For the Raccoons Fawns and Bunnies


An Angel Descends

My Assassin

Awkward Moments

Desire in Commercial Lust

Cubicles and Pods in January

First Seconds of Airtime

God Save the Machines

Grey Stone and Velvet in Albany

I Never Met a Monkey

El Biblioteca Americano

Fool's Tokens

Praise for The Public

Screws Nails and Boards

Movie Theater Scam

When the Blues turn Red

The Latin Senate

Yohimbe Gold

On finishing books

A Promise of New Life in Spring

Antique Piano Teacher

Fiery Leaves in Autumn

Painting The Rock

The Mid-War Sessions

From The Fallen Rubble an Olive Branch Trembles

Chi and The Art of Kawasaki Ninja Investments

No Legacy for The Mainframe

Are there parallel universes?

Discovering A Lost Piece of Boston

Higher State on a Tuesday

I cannot share my deepest thoughts here.

The Horse Shoe Crab

Creating and Organizing Lists

The House that Jack in The Box Built

Vaporware v. 1.0

Potato Chip Breakfast

Rediscovering New England in A Time of War

Finding an Old Friend on The Web

How Her Fingers Danced

For a French Poodle

Coreon Surface Pressure

Resources in a Bookstore

March 18th 2002

MP3 Recordings at Andy's Cooper's Virtual Forest (Last of the Mohicans) The Doris Day Movie Tide Tangled Arms and Legs Repaying Debts Pringles On Getting The Cat Stoned on Catnip Looking For The Right Girl To Marry Gyros and Dreams about Gyroscopes Which Edge of the Universe? Physical Therapy Walter and The Moon Buffet The Bubble Tea Café A Message From God in Webster Ambulation in Amherst Holly and Glitter Leaf One World, Indivisible

VI. Medford Village Currents (The New England Slack)

a supermarket parking lot the someday cafe' the steps of the pink house the kendall square stop on the T the brewery with the overhead pipes davis square we move into the pink house baybank the bakery dunkin donuts purity market music and cigarettes massachusetts ave the au bon pain the snap cafe the harvard book store the arrow pub the international house of pancakes haymarket square abbott staffing advent international central station sitting on the bus loading the car black maple cruise the beer mart scrabble in the evening computer city saugus circuit city mystic avenue the gillette agency the last days of the green tomato the mac world nomad spoilers arrive epilogue - the tennis match

VII.The Neuroscience of Christopher St.

in seven parts