Billy "The Buffalo" Graham

In nineteen ninety five
The winds of war swept Buffalo
And Bill Gates
Owned the year.

I worked for him for a while
On his supposed project
And when it apparently fell through
I went to school. And met the literalists.

At first I was disturbed
When I saw Billy Graham
Say that a powerful force
Had driven the man across the Falls on a tightrope.

Billy Graham was convinced
That it was time for us to walk the tightrope again.
Billy Graham had let me know
In a simple three minutes that the tightrope was mine.

Billy Graham was the savior
Of the supposed right

And the left well they aren’t really "friends."
Be aware of your behaviors he said.

I won’t tell you how he knew about Niagara
And I won’t tell you what sorts would alert him
That we were here And alive
And waiting to be brought to Jesus.

I was learning how to write
And Jinx was on my mind a lot
While I went to school
But how is it that you can write about Jinx?