I had known it was coming
Because Jinx D. Cooley
Had dropped me the line
After a ride with a crack addict.

We drove in my Dodge Shadow
All over Buffalo
And that was Nineteen Ninety Five
He wouldn’t get out of the car.

We didn’t know who he was
When he ended up in the car
We had walked away from an addict
He had been with us and Jinx had invited him.

We found out when he told us
That his wife had kicked him
Out of his house
He was ex-army and hi-strung.

Jinx puked on the East Side
In the house where he visited his brother
While his “friend” who we’d also let in
Watched me ouside the house.

I thought he had a gun.
The simple fact was that he was bigger
And he was black.
A Black Operative.

He made us drive a long way
And we stopped at many businesses
That were closing
In the darkness of three past midnight.

It was a Wednesday in the summer
And I didn’t have to work that day.
I was the Iron Cow
And they liked my sweatshirt.

The told Jinx to marry me
And she said she couldn’t
Because of her "friends"
That was before I slammed his finger in the trunk.

The last stop had been Kentucky Fried Chicken
Where another of his "friends"
Had left a bag of garbage with fresh food in it
After loading the back I smashed his finger.

I learned that he wasn’t violent
Toward me at that instant.
He yelled a lot
And then got in the car again.

We dropped him at his wife’s
And his "friend" carried their fourty-ounce
And Jinx and I
Had sex in the basement that night.

She explained to me about the "friends"
And in Nineteen Ninety Five
I thought that she was crazy.
The "friends" protected her she said.

She told me that she wanted
To teach me how to survive
On the street without a car.
I told her that I already knew.

All of this happened before Boston.
I went to Boston.
I took an Irish "friend"
He picked our appartment.