Submitting a Poem Through the User Poetry Forum[edit | edit source]

Submitting a poem through the User Poetry Forum is probably the easiest way to submit a new poem. Just head to the User Poetry Forum and enter the title of your poem in the createbox on that page. Poems submitted in this way will automatically include themselves in the category Catalog and the subcategory User Poetry.

Submitting a Poem by Creating a New Page[edit | edit source]

Submitting a poem by creating a new page is arguably more difficult, but can be a perfectly acceptable method of submission. After creating a new page (typically by using the createbox included on the Main Page), set the title of the page as the title of your poem, and sign your work. Be sure to add the tag [[Category:Catalog]] anywhere on the page to group the page in the category Catalog. Please do not add the subcategory User Poetry, because this category only includes poetry submitted through the User Poetry Forum.

Formatting Poems[edit | edit source]

While writing your poem, don't forget to make active use of "Poem" tags by enclosing your poem with the tags <poem> and </poem>. Any text enclosed within these tags will format itself according to most common poetry rules, and will make writing poetry on Poetry Wiki a lot simpler and more enjoyable. Breaks will automatically include themselves wherever you hit "return", without requiring <br /> or similar code/tags.

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