Happy New Year

Tigger threw a new year’s party
With red candles
And Blue and White Dresses
At his cottage under the escarpment.

We ate shrimp with sauce
And vegetables
And Played Taboo
And a lot of people showed.

Nickel Lucy Babbage Stacey
And The Forester
And Nikita and Case
Ghandi’s Daugther and her cousin.

Lucy and Tigger get it on.
They like Stacy Babbage and The Forester.
They all gave each other Christmas presents
At the last Party.

They did me the favor
Of picking up some wine with no kick
Because I’d straightened out
And I was proud of it.

I told them about the postcard
From Mr. Ohio
And they said they’d gotten them too
And we talked about Henry Rollins.

After the others left
Lucy and Tigger got me a nice blanket
And I wrapped myself into the folding couch
Before the fire of the television.

When I woke up
There were Bannanas In Pajamas
Playing on the beach
With Teddy Bears.