Jinx D. Cooley

Jinx was a little edgy
For a "friend" of Seventeen years
She was into bikers And seventies punks
I’d just met her the second time before the Cracker.

She was the Irishman’s fault
Both times we saw each other
He had been out of sight
In the background Somewhere close.

A once a year sex freak
She spent our time in the basement
Both times in June.
And she showed me her copper bound knife.

Jinx was going to Florida
She’d done it the year before
With her boyfriend
A biker without a bike.

She was still seeing him
But she had needed to see me
Before she left the second time
Because she missed me.

She said she’d had an abortion
And she didn’t know whose it was
But that she hoped it wasn’t John’s
And that maybe it was well maybe not mine.

I will assume his name
Was John Smith
But there was never any reason
For concern about him He was a nice guy.

I dropped her off that summer
On a long road
In Sanborn
The same place she’d called me from.