Jumbo Pop

We talked about connections
At the grocery store
And how the mob closed
The bar I used to work for.

And my uncle
He picked up a pack of Jumbo Pop
And bought me a Wall Street Journal
Because he said that reading was great to be into.

I was in a Big Green coat that day
And he knew I was more than green
In fact The Jumbo Pop was in a blue package
And he paid for it with a fifty.

The assistant manager was notified
And he checked the bill
While I noticed my sister had a "friend"
Working at another register.

While we drove back
For Thanksgiving dinner
I kept thinking he’s going to save Grandma
And fix up her house.

My uncle did more than that
He took me to an Al Pacino film
Before he left for Washington
And I told him About my theory on Oklahoma City.