My Lusmagh (Where Heaven Blooms on Earth)Edit

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by Anthony Sullivan

Where heaven blooms on earth
And healing herbs abound
All senses soar to dwell upon
The Shannon's softer sound
As it's melody in the mind restores
A calm truth always brings
While once more the world turns true
And dreams regain their wings
Where heaven blooms on earth
And winter rivers rise
Songbirds sing through nightfall
Soul-soothing lullabies
That ease the heart of suffering
As rapture wraps the sky
In colours wild and blazing
All healing to the eye
Where heaven blooms on earth
And seraph spirits shield
The soil's most solemn secrets
In each Elaysian field
Where grows the green of legend
And gentle creatures roam
In a land of natural beauty
My Lusmagh, a paradise..., my home.