opening the mnemonicEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

4/23/2003 3:56:27 AM

For those who know

The title flared and phased away

An alarm clock flickers in his iris

He sits up to the vidphone

With a prostitute black silked at his side

He makes a bad attempt to bargain with his fixer

The sequence is Beijing hotel

Gate crashing protesters revolt as he wades

In and through the shields and batons of riot cops

A silence counterpoints in the lobby

Twin girls and his head refracted in a fish bowl

In an elevator he unwraps a fake cigarette pack

The dial whizzes past red digital digits

While the gigabyte expander taps his mind

The doors open and he squares off

Delivering a nonexistent pizza to armed research defects

He jacks into a minidisc and they feed him the data

Three images click click click

The minds eye opens and he’s in the bathroom

A nosebleed into a chrome sink reflects mirrored

Laser flare – The motion sensor trips

Canceled Tai Chi becomes re-arrangement of the towel rack

They enter the room with trauma guns

Blue anime shrieks with the meeting of lead and red plasma

The laser whip cuts fingers and color photo fax

A bald head meets steel piping crashing to bathtub marble

Those left clear him a tight path to the door

In the elevator Johnny dons a Lennon wig rose colored lenses and a topcoat

It’s a quick step back past the fishbowl

No more twins – A quick turn – He’s back in the riots

The NAS signs flood like driftweeds into the China night

The plane arrives on a Jersey industrial runway

The digital inspector reads his implant as dyslexia prosthetic

It knows that it is seeping

A deadly consequence of his masking of the truth.