Outside The Wall
By Christopher J. Bradley

I know that this has been written before
but I must give you my version anyway.

I am standing outside the wall.
My friends have pushed me out here.
My family has insisted upon the same
in not quite the same fashion.

I have joined them
but at what cost.

I can no longer exist on the same plane
as simply a body of flesh
I must now excercise my mind
and it gets harder again
I feel like I am two
because it is hard to show myself
as a human to people
that have not shown me the same.
The wall still stands before them
and they punch at it with rubber mallets.

I must learn to be less demanding of surface contact
and more demanding of my friends
for their love can crush me quicker than any other.

The friction in my mind is dying
and I am seeking physical sleep
while my mind records the day.