Riding Carroll’s CoattailsEdit

By Christopher J. Bradley

4/27/2003 1:49:27 PM


Never even having read him

It is yet another merry merry unbirthday to me.

I shrink down with the magic mushroom

And open the door towonderland

Where Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Sit gawking and chuckling aimlessly.

The eyes and smile of the Cheshire

Noodle into the distance

While smoke rings burst

From the Caterpillar’s Scrabble pipe

Among the singing tulips

And the jaded well preened roses.

The white rabbit shuttles himself

From the windmill house

While Alice explodes through doorways

To be confronted by the Pelican and the Walrus

After she chases him

Dragging the mushroom cap with her

As she shrinks.

The deck is dealt by the master shuffler

The flamingoes are straightened

And bop headed for croquet

On the Queen of Hearts

Fresh Green Turf

Until the call “Off with Her Head!”

Awakens me to a book

Spelled out in Rhyme.