Rock City Window
dedicated to Scott Ansel and Jodi Crocker
By Christopher J. Bradley

A dim light shining
through a grated screen window
and thin curtains
falls on the red glow of an alarmclock.

My friend sleeps
snoring loudly under covers
on the couch.

There is a cigarette
smoldering smoke up around
my computer
as I type in the dark apartment.

I have spent several weekends
here with them
they live a Rock life
with a hundred CD cases.

Their two cats
purr in the darkness
with the girl in her room.

An answering machine light blinks
next to the charging cordless phone.

They have all of the amenities of home.

Someday I will be independent
and strike out on my own
maybe in a different way
maybe the same.

There are considerations to make
And circumstances cannot be the same
for someone with my special case.

Can I live in an art district?
Can I salvage any of my talent?
Can I aquire enough new toys?

Maybe this small light I see
will show me the way.