By Christopher J. Bradley

I came up to catch you
On the big hill
Down by the road
Near Niagara University.

During the winter
We all sled here
But now it's September
And it's just starting to get cold.

I rode my banana seat bike
All the way from my house
And then I parked it in the mud
Under the mudslide.

You should see yourself
Peeking out
From under the rock
Into my eyes.

You think that you might
Scramble away
And slither through the mud
But I am faster.

I've got you now
In my Cool Whip bowl
And I stuck some grass inside
So that you can play.

You'll enjoy the bumpy ride
While I drive
One handed back home
On the yellow bananna seat.

You can slide around
In my aquarium
Because you're cool
And purple.

And I won't let you die
Like the tiny frog
Last year
With no water.

Little Purple Salamander I'll let you go soon.