Skylit Clouds
By Christopher J. Bradley
Dedicated to Scott Ansel and Eric Gansworth

I went out to see my Black Maple
In the blackness tonight.
I thought I would reflect on her
And then I thought I have a paper to write.

But when I looked up
I saw looking away from me
The pale junkie face
Of Ziggy Stardust.

Ziggy was hiding in the Skylit Clouds.
They pushed back and forth
Anchored by his bright white head
With the mouth hung open.

You could see his teeth
In the shadow of his painted lips
When the clouds cleared his way
And his mottled eyes re-sang his song.

Now I think I let myself wonder again
"So where were the spiders?"
And I think
What is a paper anyway?

The Skylit Clouds will always
Bring back Ziggy
The Skylit Clouds will always
Take me back -

To where these words began.