Standard Love Story

She pulled me inside her
Naked on her sister’s bed.
In her mother’s room
And under the shower curtain.

Those were our first times
On the first day
That her mother left for Ohio.
There was a twist.

We’d been playing for a month
And I hadn’t expected her
To let me hug her chest to chest
Watching cartoons.

The summer before Chicago
We knew I would be leaving
But we had to know our Prom meant something
Two hundred dollars worth of gold and diamond.

My living room floor was quite healthy
A light blue rug and a nice comforter
And of course the television
We never slept there was no reason for her leaving.

And then it crashed when I came back
And I wasn’t a smart boy anymore
With a shaved head and plans for Buffalo
Another idiot concert freak.

Thank you dear Mother-In-Law
I’ve learned that sex can be better
And you knew all along That she was a Burger King girl
Because you made her.