The Fire Of Dawn
dedicated to Dawn Bradley
by Christopher J. Bradley

I can remember the things that
you have told me about you.
You wanted me to go to school
you gave up many things for me.
You lived with crazy people
that were unhappy.

You did this so that I could know my father.
I became like the jungle man upstairs
that you feared
and you have fixed my broken back.

I became him even though you did
your best for me. I should never have joined the tribe.
The lord of the flies ate my soul
and now I am forced to rebuild it
or take on again with that pack.

They are like snakes and wolves combined
they slither and leap and poison and tear
and there is no escape without the intervention
of the people of our house.

The houses of Arnold and Bradley
rest quietly on the Block of what is
called madness by the city.

John wrote in the Revelation
2000 years ago in Chapter 17
verses 15 through 18 :

"The waters you saw
on which the prosititute sits
are nations peoples races
and languages.
The ten horns that you saw
and the Beast will hate the Prostitute.
They will take away everything she has
and leave her naked.
They will eat her flesh
and destroy her with fire.
For God has placed in their hearts
the will to carry out his purpose.
By acting together
and giving to the Beast
their power to rule until
God's words come true.
The woman that you saw is
the great woman that rules
over the kings of the earth."

Mother I have given you
to the ten horns of the Beast
and you have crushed them all.
As though to set your
foot upon the eggshell
backs of dead sea-urchins.
You and your kin are mighty.

My name will be a killing word.
I will crush the city when
it's vision fails to show truth.
The woman with the cup filled
with blood has stolen from me.
And I will not drink of her spittle again.
Let her dry up and die of dehydration.
There is no wine for her left in the bottle.

For she has too many times
choked off my breath
with her vile toungue.

You raised me to survive and succeed and I have failed...
I have fallen like an Asimov Robot
who has misinterpreted its simple instructions.
Mother you dressed me for the snow and rain
and kept me from the roads to protect me
because your baby brother Paul died in his sleep.
How can I forget this? You have done me no wrong.

It is the television that I will smash.
It is the television and it's blind naked vixens
and it's blind naked dead men
whose skin will be torn apart by my white fire.

A leper fails to believe...
I have been given this mark of the athlete on my foot
to remind me that I am a destroyer.
If I am forced to destroy for God
Then my name is already a killing word
and my name is of my house.
A house that is strong.

And my house is held up by my mother
who has fostered my need.
She has sent me out to be crushed
by the city and her whims so that I will learn.

She has brought me back with the books
of his word and borne another child
before crossing over the mountain
that I must now teach.

I will save him someday as others have saved me
by teaching me to be innocent.
I will rip the enemies of my house
and my brother's house and my children's houses
to bloody shreads with my bladed fingers
and the point of my pen.

I will destroy their clans of dark power
with my understanding that they are evil.
You who see this that do not deserve to
will not question the words that I write.
Anyone who does this is my enemy.
You will not question the words that I speak.
Anyone who does this will be burned and will not survive.
You are all the children of God the only God.
And you should follow your leaders to him.
If not it has already been written that you will die.

Your fate has been determined by the strength
of my mother's pain
and my brother's hand.
My father has given me science?
Has yours?
Do you not then have something to
demand of your father?

Show me the pain of your house
and I will say that you are strong
but not until then.

You will not forget my mother's name.

For when the sun rises
those of you that are with my house
and have sought out your true Father
and succeeded will see my vision.
For those of you who would question my words
even after the warnings given in the only book of God.
Her name will be written beyond your pathetic reality.
Her name will be written on the sky with Raes
through the ashes of the unfaithful.
And by the Lord
She will be called Dawn.