The Sex Life Of Popcorn
By Christopher J. Bradley
It's an entirely oral experience
An explosion of butter and salt
While I flip it between my lips
Orville Reddenbacher knew
And he talked about it once
The Sex Life Of Popcorn.

There's something thermo-nuclear
About a shattering kernel
In an old metal pot
While the television's on
With a big politician's haircut
Flashing into my mind.

Every girl I've slept next to
Has popped a few styrofoam movie bites
Into her mouth.
We usually get the oily liquid
All over our faces
And we can never find any napkins.


Maybe this time if I use the microwave
I won't get one of those damn shells
Stuck behind my back tooth.
And have to keep pushing my toungue
Against the roof of my mouth
Or maybe she'll set it between my lips.

With her soft white fingertips.