The Sleeping Beauty and the Sorry Prince Edit

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Tomas O Carthaigh

Arise from the eternal dream
Allbeit one of bliss
And walk the world of today
Said the prince with a kiss
The fair maiden with beary eyes
Slowly and mumbling awoke
"A prince whose mine and beautiful!"
Were the first words she spoke.

"I have been asleep", she said
"For over eight hundred years,
And I am both hungry and thirsty"
Said she through grateful tears.

The prince brought her for breakfast
And great was her surprise
The world she saw she did not recognise
That opened before her eyes.
Cars and planes and lorries
She found herself sort of choke
A headache from the noise
And caughing with the smoke.

Nowhere could she find comfort
Wherever she did look or where peace she did seek
So she gave the price a hard kick in the privates
For kissing her and not letting her sleep.