washington st matrixEdit

by Christopher J. Bradley

4/23/2003 3:35:59 AM


for all telecom people inspired by Gibson



The journey into everything corporate

Retail phases out behind steel rims

I am standing at the 3rd floor elevator

Escorted to Paul’s cubicle

It’s all ties briefcases and planners

Deskwork headsets and terminals

Flowcharts graphs reports and schedules

The timepieces are on the walls

These are the days of 3.1

February 95

Seven months and counting

Until the big change

The personal computer

Will never be the same

The interview was last week

I’ve been hired

The project he outlines for me is Disney

The Lion King Animated Story Book

A public relations nightmare

From a technical perspective

Two weeks training commence

A customer service M.A.S.H. unit boot camp

All of the rigors of DOS and Windows

And an Access composite Database

A quick introduction to Microsoft Mail

The precursor to modern Outlook

For three months the Callmaster was my overseer

I punched keys and executed clicks with precision

I pasted notes and scanned faxes

I learned cool down tactics

And rewrote code without paper or machine

With the headset locked on my temples like a vice

I was a verbal relay, a conduit

I rattled out execution orders for driver updates

I reconstructed autoexec and config files

And depressurized the callers en masse

One Saturday in May the ice broke

I went to the McDonalds for lunch

On the way back I peered into

the cinema window

There was a slick posted for

Johnny Mnemonic

Keanau in sharkskin grey against The Matrix

After my shift I called home

To let my parents know that I would be late

The entire spectrum of the bizarre

had hit pay-dirt

Internet 2021 had opened for me

in the Voidspace

The Washington St.

Market Arcade General Cinema

With the projector alight beside my employer

was a home to Gibson.